Keri Hilson On Set For Chris Brown's "Superhuman" Video

Keri Hilson and Chris Brown on Superhuman Video Set
Keri Hilson and Chris Brown on Superhuman Video Set
Keri Hilson and Chris Brown on Superhuman Video Set

Keri Hilson does her cameo on Chris Brown's "Superhuman". We have pics of my homey, 2 up 2 down, Chris Brown walking down the street but never mind that. Keri is the prize.

Ciara On The Set Of "Go Girl"

Ciara On The Set Of Go Girl

Here are photos of Ciara on the set of "Go Girl" featuring T-Pain. That first photo is priceless.

Ciara On The Set Of Go Girl
Ciara On The Set Of Go Girl
Ciara On The Set Of Go Girl

Big Boi In GQ Magazine

Big Boi In GQ Mag
Images: PRNEWS

Big Boi in the October issue of GQ Magazine. After a performance of "Big", GQ catches up with Big Boi and the Dungeon Family at Body Tap. Big Boi then explains that his solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, is about showing the fans who Big Boi is outside of Outkast.

More after the jump.

Big Boi In GQ Mag
Big Boi In GQ Mag
Big Boi In GQ Mag

Zilla Says x WYDU x Ace Jones x Kooley High - Burn After Listening

Zilla Says x WYDU x Ace Jones x Kooley High - Burn After Listening

Man, Ace Jones did again. He got two award-winning, respected, legendary blogs together with the illest up and coming artists out of NC to bring you the hotness...for the free.

Hot damn, you are so welcome.

In the not to distant past two bloggers got to talking; as bloggers are apt to do. As they were sharing stories and bouncing ideas off of each other, they found that they had a lot in common but one thing in infatuation with a new hip hop collective called Kooley High.

Bloggers are leading the way in this new era of hip hop music. They are an important means of introducing new music to the public and thereby the gatekeepers/taste makers of the game. In their efforts to use their voice to take part in the culture they love, sometimes in becoming a gatekeeper you quit being a fan. Sharing the same sentiment, these two bloggers agreed that Kooley High were one of the few new acts that were making music that gave them the feeling of a fan again. So with this mixtape they decided to use their websites not only to introduce fans to the great music from Kooley High but also to show gratitude to they group as genuine fans of the music.

Zillz (of and Travis (of went hard. Swiping tracks from myspace pages, contacting friends of friends, and requesting the services of an N.C. representative by the name of Ace Jones to make it happen. "Burn After Listening" is a compilation of exclusive and unreleased content from Kooley High. Apart from the 6 group members, the tape features artists such as; Median, Chaundon, & Edgar Allen Floe. With production from 9th Wonder and others. Enjoy! And make sure to check out the websites Kooley High, Zilla Says, WYDU.

Shouts to Travis, Ace and Kooley.

Zilla Says x WYDU x Ace Jones x Kooley High - Burn After Listening

Quote Of The Day


"I'm no meteorologist but I'm sure it's raining bitches!" -- Cleveland

Cleveland is good for a good oneliner in any episode. However, last night on Family Guy, resident black man Cleveland Brown dropped that jewel and a couple more.

"Wait, Wait, waaait...Boom goes the dynamite!" -- Cleveland, during climax.

"I'll remember [sex with her] forever. Brian, do you think you can identify a genital wart?" -- Cleveland, when asked about sex with his ex-girlfriend.

McCain Blows Off The Late Show With David Letterman

I take my eye of the campaign for a second and this happens!


Retro Ken Griffey Air Max '96 Coming Soon!

Air Griffey Max 1

Images: NiceKicks / NikeTalk

In spring 2009, Nike be blessing all sneakers heads with the re-release of the Air Griffey Max 1. These kicks were instant classics, made when Ken Griffey, Jr. was destroying pitchers egos. That alone added to they hype that was created by such a masterfully designed shoe. My brother and I searched Brooklyn high and low for these. When they were first released in '96, all of the local retailers quickly sold out. I know I had my pair! We just had to have them.

When we finally found a store that still had our sizes in stock we couldn't believe it. We were so excited to know were going to have them. We both wanted to get the blue pair so we can dress alike but they only had the blue in his size, so I had to get the black. I honestly didn't care which color I had as long as I had these shoes in my closet. Out of all the sneakers I've had in my lifetime, these are by far my favorite. The way I feel about them reminds me of how I feel about the pumps and boots I go crazy over now. I get the same satisfaction. The White/Black-Fresh Water-Varsity Red colorway featured above will be the first to drop. The Varsity Royal/White-Black-Volt (below) will drop next summer.

Air Griffey Max 1

I Be Thinkin... (c) Cole Brown

Every creative individual should have a place where they store every worth while thought that pops into their head. A inventory of innovative brain activity forever immortalized on a napkin, steno pad, word document, or smart phone device. Me and Zillz could make a million off our G-Chat history alone, but then again we on a "whole 'notha level". Regardless of what level you're on, dust off those old ideas or hell even think up some new ones and send them over to . They will give you 10,000 bucks to help you make it happen if its good enough.

Relax Yourself Son, Beers In Cans

Boom Cooler

What happens when you mix hip hop with tailgating? $900 bucks worth of awesomeness that's what!

May I present the Boom Cooler.

Yea you and the posse touch the pavement with this bad boy and blow that Brooks and Dunn right on out the parking lot along with the F150 it came in on. It's time black people take over the sport of tailgating. Now, be clear, getting drunk and doing dumb shit, white people got us beat by a long shot. but playing music loud in public places? NOW THAT'S OUR THING!

In My Best "Cleveland from Family Guy" Voice...

Ben & Jerry's

"Ewwww, Thats Nasty."

PETA wants world-famous Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream to tap nursing moms, rather than cows, for the milk used in its ice cream.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is asking the ice cream maker to begin using breast milk in its products instead of cow's milk, saying it would reduce the suffering of cows and calves and give ice cream lovers a healthier product.

I swear white people trip me out a good 8 out of the 12 hours I'm awake and alert. Breast milk? C'mon fam. But sometimes...well most of the time, the fairer skinned's misguided efforts inspire me to create something truly worth while.


Send us your best idea for the first new Ben & Jerry's breast milk ice cream flavor and we'll give you something really cool. Maybe. Hell, you know you'd do it anyway so just let us know what you came up with.

MSNBC Article

I've Grown Accustomed To Her Faaaaace

Source:WireImage / StraightFromTheA

"I've grown accustomed to her face." (c) (Lerner / Loewe / Clooney)

Ray J, Laz Alonso, Anthony Hamilton, Tim Russ aka Tuvok and others hit the Esquire House Hollywood Hills "Rock The Vote" get together hosted by Christina Aguilera. Is it possible that they got everybody in mid smile, or did they see something that didn't look too right near the cameraman? A couple more after the jump. I know there are some sites that give Golden Brooks a hard time, but dammit I love her. BTW, I hope you are all registered to vote. If not...what's the matter?

Blog Love: Ep. 1- Sauda & The Snob

That's just hilarious!


The Sauda Voice is one my favorite blogs to read because the author is so smart (and she is also absolutely gorgeous). Sauda sent out a general request for a guest blogger. I decided I'd answer her call. Honestly, I didn't think she'd take me seriously. Why? I don't know. But, she did. Now the question became what to write about. I have so many drafts and just general ideas, I didn't know which to offer. She gave me some guidance - Black women's issues or politics. I don't know anything about women, much less Black women, my job is to just love them all. But, I know a little something about politics.

So, what to do? Do I work on a draft or one of the ideas floating in my head? The drafts are good but I want to give Sauda something great. So, what did I come up with? An extraordinary commentary on Reagan-era economic policies that have helped shaped Republican identity and create the economic crisis of the United States. Sauda loved it. But, it was so long, she had to break it up into two parts. You can read my commentary on how Reagan Destroyed America (and How Obama Can Fix It) (Part I) through flawed fundamentals, greed, and deregulation.

The Black Snob

So, as I was perusing the blogs that I frequent (check the Honorary Citizens list to the left), I came across the Black Snob and her most recent post Why I Heart Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Of course, I already know why. Who, with common sense, doesn't love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? I said, "...with common sense...." See how that works. Anyway, I click on the post and I see the funniest image of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. It's funny because I know exactly where it came from.

Keri Hilson - "Energy" Live

Shouts to ATLien (pronounced Ay Tee Leen). If there was a beverage called "Energy" and it was created by the sweat and bath water of Keri Hilson...

...we wouldn't drink it, but we'd consider it.

Too Much Like Right

I'm tired of hot girls making me watch wack shows. It would make all too much sense to put a hot girl, like Kim Kardashian, on something that's actually worth watching. Curse those execs at ABC!

Iron Man On DVD Sept. 29th

Iron Man DVD

That new cocaine drops next week. Iron Man on DVD. Billionaire genius playboy type creates toys for the military. Alpha male stuff. Ends up with a serious injury. Then creates year 3000 pacemaker using Al Quaeda's car battery and some of his own stolen tech. Vows to save the world.

Iron Man has always been my favorite Marvel superhero. The comics, the cards, the video one can see me on Mugen. Remember? One of the few necessary movies that you had to see this summer, is now coming to your DVD and Blu-Ray disc player. Relive your boydom.

Proper Football Watching Etiquette For The Ladies

Girl Ball

I check Pigskin Loving Lady and title alone suggest two things that we at the Mandom love: Football and Blogging. Oh and Ladies too. :)

PLL breaks down all of the scores and other goings-on in NFL world. And I really think that this is a nice resource for fellas who need to catch up on intricacies they've missed on Sunday and Monday (and if they're at work with ESPN blocked).

However, I think that it's an even BETTER resource for the young ladies out there. Study that blog. Learn it. Become it. Hire her as a tutor. Learn the game as we know it...Because even though you are all gorgeous and look good in our jerseys, we hate the fact that you find THIS the time you want to stand in front of the HD, bucked butterball assed nekkit trying to start something. Don't make us make the choice you don't want us to make ladies. It's 3rd and long, and they don't show reruns. But you will be there after post game. You'll be mad. But really can you blame us?

I don't mind teaching you, myself. But if I hear, "Ooo look at those tight pants!" then school is out. Nothing is sexier than when a woman knows the game and takes interest in it like you do. Dammit does that mean I'll have to take interest in and know the plot schemes for The Young and The Restless?

A short list I've compiled of necessary essentials while watching any sports event with a male figure is after the jump.

1. Do not ask to change the channel...for any reason.

2. Do not change the channel when we go for a snack/bathroom break.

3. Some of your questions don't matter, i.e.: "Why are the colors of the uniforms like that?" Anything that starts with "You know what would be cute..." is already wrong.

4. The cheerleaders are not skanks. We know all of them.

5. Although we cheer when somebody gets injured. We don't wish any ill will. So no sympathetic "awww what about the family." That injured mofo is RICH!

6. Bring nachos.

7. Oh, and it isn't good to beat us in Madden either dammit.

Shouts to all of my sports loving ladies. 'Tis all.

You Aint Up On Dis!

Mad Men

No homo...but the Jones got love for you. And its out of love that I teach you
"ignant sommamma bidges" (c) (RIP B Mac) what you need to know. So here it is, pay attention! Mad Men is one of my favorite shows ever. It comes on AMC every Sunday night and I have been watching it since its inception. Its about life in a Maidson Avenue design firm during the late 50s and 60s. Interesting stuff when you feel like using that thing in between your ears. If they ever want to make a cartoon version, this person has got it on lock!

Liquor & Childrens Books: Drinking is FUN-damental!


This bottle of gin made its way into one of the most exclusive design review books this year. Since I don't do brown liquors on the regular, this will serve as my Makers Mark! The wax makes breaking the seal on that freshly purchased fif (Shouts to Dave Chapelle) all the more gratifying.



Vodka is my posion of choice. Check out my latest "exclusive brand they wont have at the bar" infatuation.

Finally gents, is the trifecta, a website with a pop-up book about a bar...and the wonderful liquor inside it. Fun for Mother, Fahdder, and chile!

all proceeds from this post shall go to NOTCOT. Get yourself familiarized.

I Don't Care Who Got Now, I Got Next!

Damn baby...Young Berg? Can he even do anything for your career? Holler at a real man honey. I ain't never got my chain snatched...but then again, I ain't ever had a chain.

LOL I can't tell who's horning in on this photo op. Is it the man Berg or is it Kanyes's ex girl? They both need the exposure. Maybe it was a master plan to use Aubrey O'Day's sweet sweet ass to get some limelight. (shouts to ghettofab for the pic)

Complex Mag where art thou?!

T-Mobile G1 Phone


From Gizmodo. The first phone running Google's Android software. Which is going for around $180 and hit the stores soon.

10 Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Homeboy

John Ollie breaks down 10 of the most important things you shouldn't say to your homeboy. #1 is a violation. All of these items pertain to if you're crossing the line into homosexuality. However, all of this can be negated with a pause, no homo, or something of that's true.

Entourage Season 5 - Ep. 3: "The Fallout"


Mandom continues as Entourage Ep. 3 aired last night. "The Fallout" follows the crew as they enter a rough patch. Vince gets news that he's broke...again! Drama is still sulking over the breakup and Ari resumes his feud with nemesis, Davies.

"The Fallout" co-stars TI. Music from Charles Hamilton. Jeremy Piven takes home the 2008 Emmy for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series. That's 3 in a row for Ari Gold!

"It'll be over soon Ari. Just close your eyes and think of pussy." -- Lloyd

Watch the episode after the jump...