Spike Lee Creates Absolut Brooklyn

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Absolut Brooklyn

Would you drink an alcoholic beverage created by critically-acclaimed film maker, Spike Lee? Hit the jump for a description.

Absolut Vodka recently asked the director Spike Lee to help create a flavor and bottle that embodies the spirit of Brooklyn. He had time to do it since the Knicks are not in the playoffs again. This sounds like the latest installment in their new limited edition flavor series. The design features one of Brooklyn’s iconic brownstone buildings which Spike says is his own rendering of crib he grew up in. The art features some bold colors and is reminiscent of an old Jacob Lawrence painting.

As far as the liquor, Spike went with an apple and ginger flavor mix to represent the borough. The bottle go for $29.99 (Clearly you buying the painting more than the bottle) but proceeds go to the $50,000 donation that Absolut is making to Habitat for Humanity to help fund an affordable homes project in Bed-Stuy. Absolut Brooklyn joins its predecessors in the series Absolut Boston (black tea and elderflower), Los Angeles (blueberry, acerola cherry, a├žai berry and pomegranate) and New Orleans (black pepper and mango). Absolut D.C. will probably be iced tea and lemonade. It will only be right.

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