The Run-In #22: Is Ryback That Dude?

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If you saw RAW last week, you peeped the culmination of the push that the WWE (read: Vince McMahon) has given Ryback, formerly known as Skip Sheffield. Not since Sheamus' rise to dominance has any one star been put over so furiously by the WWE (think back and say I'm wrong), but the question ultimately has to be: was this the right move for right now?

The obvious "insight" on Ryback has been that he's nothing more than Goldberg 2012. I won't deny their similarities: bald head, beard, not a lot of talking, ferocious, muscular, dominant...the list does go on. And while Goldberg's ascension was very fabricated (I remember reading stories of how the WCW used to pipe in "Goldberg!" chants over the arena speakers to entice fans to chant along), many parts of Ryback's rise has been with the fans enjoyment. Hell, my son is a mark for Ryback, and I have no problems with it. He's a big dude who beats people up. What's not to like? Well...

Dude's inexperienced. Even when he debuted as Skip Sheffield, he was more the body type Vince likes as opposed to the actual developed wrestler. He's improved, but even when Ryback debuted on Smackdown, it was painful to watch some of those jobbers getting merked (or maybe they're just doing a good job). Outside of that, he's not really been tested on a grand scale. He just started having 15 minute matches with The Miz weeks ago on house shows, and while he's been battling CM Punk at RAW house shows since, this will be his first PPV cage match - a Hell In The Cell match - and even with a vet like Punk in tow, it's hard to not be concerned with what could go wrong in the ring.

The flipside is, aside from looking menacing, Ryback isn't really magic on the mike. To the point where they should've given him a Paul Heyman-type mouthpiece, mimicked how Lesnar entered the federation. I don't know what Ryback wants to do aside from being 'fed more', and he's never mentioned actually wanting to a) win the WWE Championship or b) why he has a hard-on for CM Punk. Plus, let's just fantasy book: Ryback wins the WWE Championship. Then what?! He'll go back and forth with Punk, but is anyone truly seeing who he could be facing post-Punk (assuming he has the gold) and what the motivation will be? Without speaking, we're not certain how he'll convey things. Unless the gimmick will be that he only speaks through his actions.

Time will tell, and this PPV went from being a stepping stone to being kind of important, just in ways the WWE might not realize currently.

What do you guys think? Does Ryback stand a chance in today's WWE the way he is now? How would you book him?

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