Nike KobeSystem Levels 1-7
"You're Welcome!" -- Kobe Bryant
NIKE goes forward with their viral campaign for the #KOBESYSTEM starring Kobe Bryant. Mainly to promote, the Kobe VII System sneakers. The brand history has focused the shoes on functionality on the court but design-wise, they are not the best. Being a workhorse and serious about getting the details done is right in line with Kobe's personality and ethos. Below, check out the latest clips where The Black Mamba holds a forum for bewildered successful luminaries (the likes of Jerry Rice, Wang Leehom, Aziz Ansari, Kanye West, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson) on how they could be Successful at Success at Success.

Nike KobeSystem Levels 1-7

The Good, the Bad, the #Doody (Week 5)

In this edition, we're going to take a look at individual players that are #StatBeastin, playing mediocre, or just playing like dumpster juice. Perhaps this will give y'all some ideas of who to vote for and who not to vote for in the All-Star game.

How the Media is Making It Up or Why I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Obama's Second Term

So, if you watch the news, or even read the news, you may think President Obama's facing a fierce challenge from the Republicans this November. The GOP has several candidates out there and they're all gunning for the Pres.--their hands are wringing, fangs are showing, saliva is dripping, their eyes bulging with intent... sounds intimidating, doesn't it? A lot of folks out there think so. The thing is, the media is presenting an extreme close-up of these guys--if they'd just pull back a bit, we'd all see that, while their fangs are wet and their eyes are piercing, these body parts belong to a tiny rodent who feels utterly and completely cornered.

While it's true the GOP candidates, combined, are raising crazy amounts of cash (even more if you count the money Super PACs are pulling in), Obama is waist-deep in green and despite many of his followers finding themselves disillusioned with him, he would have to lose a LOT of votes to actually lose to the Republicans in November.

But lets look at campaign cash...

This Guy: Steven Tyler

This Guy: Steven Tyler
Been awhile since we had a This Guy. But yesterday, there were so many. Let's start of at the very beginning. Ladies and Gentlemen, "singing" the National Anthem...Steven Tyler. Check the video below.

The Future of Tablet Gaming

The Future of Tablet Gaming
Footage from Gamestop's visit at CES2012 on the future of tablet gaming.

Why #SOPA and #PIPA Protesters Are Protesting The Wrong Thing (It's The #NDAA, Stupid!)

The Stop Internet Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act are both worthy of protest.  If passed, they will allow for the effective shutdown of entire websites that are viewed as infringing copyrights by the copyright holders.  This would be like the government having the ability to reach into your home without a warrant and seize the newspaper collage your kid made for a class project.  But which is worse? Being unable to access your favorite blogging websites or someone's inability to access anything at all?

2011-2012 NBA Power Rankings: First Quarter

Yep, it's like that. The season is truncated, but we've already completed about 25% of it.  In this short long season things are starting to shape up and we can see who's who and what's what.  There may still be some pretenders and some teams that aren't quite up to par, but there are also the squads who are who we think they are (seven teams didn't change spots from the preseason rankings).  Without further ado, here are the first Mandom Power Rankings of the 2011-2012 regular season.  The second edition will be available when we reach the halfway point of the season.

Guy Code Season 1 Episode 11

Guy Code
Learn how to make the most of your pre-game, avoid embarrassing nicknames, getting freaky in the bedroom, and how to quickly climb the corporate ladder. Watch it below..

Burger King To Offer Delivery

'Bout time? Suppose it takes 30 minutes to get your food. It's gonna be meh...
Burger King, the No. 2 burger chain, has quietly begun testing home delivery of its burgers, fries and other sandwiches since fall at four of its restaurants in the greater Washington, D.C., area, with an eye on expanding beyond that.

Is Eli Manning An Elite NFL Quarterback?

Is Eli Manning in the Elite class of QBs?
Giants fans. I know it's going to be hard but leave your fandom aside for one second. It's a conversation that we have run into the dirt on Sports Ish, but we just have to know.

Is Pres. Obama Running For The Republican Nomination?

President ObamaImage via TheDailyBeast/Newsweek
Traditionally, it's always been a GOP thing to want to "make the Federal government small enough to drown it in a bathtub," so what the heck is something like this coming from Obama?  Over the weekend, the NYT reported:
President Obama on Friday announced an aggressive campaign to shrink the size of the federal government...

The Crazy Quotient, Part Deux: The Answer Man

I've decided to entitle these series of drops, The Crazy Quotient, behind the article that started it, because I am just that lazy! I asked the facebook family to ask me any question they wanted to know about men, and I promised that I would be honest even if it hurt me. And it really did. It almost killed me to be so honest. I'm perhaps the most qualified expert in being a man that ever lived. I have certificates and badges that represent my pedigree in this knowledge. So you can trust this information as if your life depended on does.

I learned a few things from this brief questionnaire. Women DO NOT HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE. And they don't really want honest answers. How do I know this? Every question that was asked, has been asked many many many times before. And perhaps answered in the same way. Why did I do this? Because relationship blogs suck and I wanted to give you some real answers to the questions that you keep asking over and over. Is Ziller simpin'? Hell no. Let's get started.

BJ Raji, Clay Matthews & Aaron Rodgers In New State Farm Ads

BJ Raji Clay Matthews State Farm
Aaron Rodgers spends a lot of time in his insurance office, supposedly a State Farm stop in Green Bay, where nobody knows what his occupation might be. And customers overlooking who he might be. Looking to distance himself from his touchdown dance aka "The Discount Doublecheck", he finds his teammates BJ Raji and Clay Matthews hanging out in the surprisingly popular kiosk branding their own dances. Notice, that the cheesehead fan (stalker) isn't allowed inside the building. We think it's because of an outstanding restraining order. Check the ads below.

ProFILE:60 Aaron Rodgers

ProFILE:60 Aaron Rodgers
"My goals have changed, mom. I don't really desire anymore to be the best quarterback in the NFL. Because I want to be remembered as one of the best men that ever played quarterback in the NFL."
Reigning heavyweight NFL Super Bowl champ, Aaron Rodgers, recalls always having a chip on his shoulder for being underrated. From high school aspirations to being the projected first pick in the 2005 draft and not getting it to becoming the standard. ProFILE:60 Aaron Rodgers aired yesterday in a 30-minute special. The 11 minute feature below encapsulates some of that. And yes, there's talk of #4.

Tim Tebow: The Chosen One

Tom Brady Tim Tebow
You have about an hour before the National Nightmare leads the Denver Broncos into New England to battle the The Golden Boy and the Patriots. But before all of that, the most celebrated college football player of all-time, Tim Tebow, was "The Chosen One". Watch the special, Tim Tebow: The Chosen One, below, in a 7-part series. Afterwards, join us as we watch the game.

Who The Hell Are We Supposed To Vote For?

Mitt Romney
So, if you're like me, at one time, you've probably felt like you don't pay enough attention to politics. I felt this way once, so I started following elections, reading op-ed pages and even watching C-SPAN. Years later, I became pretty disillusioned. It's like, what they teach us in school is just PR. Well, kinda. History class went on and on about how America was founded on principles of freedom and equality, yet, back then, slavery was legal, and not only could women not vote, but neither could anyone who didn't own land. This country was founded by "the 1%".

Guy Code Season 1 Episode 10

Guy Code
Learn what you need to know about living with roommates, how to say bye-bye to your girlfriend, when it's time to stand up and fight, and how to have a good yourself. Watch it after the cut...

The Good, the Bad, the #Doody (Week 3)

Mark Cuban didn't want to re-sign Tyson Chandler or J.J. Barea, but he signs these two knuckleheads figure out which knuckleheads I'm referring to.

Anyways, time to check out this week's installment of The Good, The Bad, The #Doody and there are a couple of surprise teams to talk about. Most teams that are good have remained good and the teams that are #doody have remained #doody. Let's get to it.

The Crazy Quotient

As promised. I'm here to deliver you the unbiased unfiltered truth. Not some emotional rant. But proven, solid, USDA approved science and math. And you may ask yourself..."Umm, Ziller why do I need to know this?" Well knowing is half the battle and knowledge is power. So get some.

First some background as to why I am doing this and why I am qualified to do so.

If you've EVER heard, "Bitch you are crazy!" This is for you. If you haven' are a liar. Read on.

Soul Food Junkies Trailer

Soul Food Junkies
"Minorities contract diabetes and suffer from heart diseases in disproportionate numbers. That alone costs the American economy enough to be concerned about what people eat and why." -- Stanley Crouch
One of my favorite blogs on the web is Barclay.TV. You'll see us link to Barclay from time to time. As he finds some of the greatest gems on the innanet. Namely, this teaser clip for "Soul Food Junkies". Directed by Byron Hurt, "Soul Food Junkies" aims to bring more awareness to the health crisis on plaguing communities of color, its history and how it's become part of our cultural identity. Below the cut, he explains his mission. Please check out the trailer as well.

The Good, the Bad, the #Doody (Week 2)

A few more games have been played and it's still early but we're getting an idea of how things are going to shape up for some teams. Some teams are shining like we thought, some are still searching for an identity, and others are who we think they are.

We ain't lettin' 'em off the hook though.

Guy Code Season 1 Episode 9

Guy Code
Learn the downsides of always being the alpha male, how to deal with ex girlfriends, the hard truth about drugs and booze, and if the size of your bank account really matters to the ladies. Hit the jump...

Cam Newton Covers ESPN Mag NEXT Issue

Cam Newton Covers ESPN Mag
"I was truly scarred by the things I heard before the draft." -- Newton
Cam Newton talks about his on the field personality and his touchdown dance in the cover shoot footage (below) for the NEXT issue.
"Now I feel like I'm ready to come out of my shell. I know I have the talent to change this game, and I don't see no ceiling. So I'm not knocking on the door, like tap-tap-tap. I'm gonna kick that door in, like SWAT."