What Ziller Learnt From Super Bowl XLVII

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Ray Lewis ascends into heaven from the 50 yard line
Ray Lewis ascends into heaven from the 50 yard line and this is how he flies. Hey it was an entertaining game. It had a blowout, a comeback, a last-minute stand. Controversy. Fumbles. But cmon.... it HAD to have been fixed!

10. The Ravens dominated UNTIL the blackout and then THEY blackedout until the 49ers caught up?

Think how terrible it would have been if the game would have become a blowout! The NFL had to do something to keep it entertaining.

9. CBS' Jim Nantz talks to the champs. But where was Greg Gumble?

8. Stans renamed the Super Bowl, into the BeyonceBowl.

Did you see her outfit though? * bites lip * mmph! Beyonce Super Bowl Performance 2013 XLVII Halftime Show

7. Walter busting mad crazy gooey sloppy slobs on Bar Rafeali, gives me hope for the future!

What does Danica Patrick do again?

6. Joe Flacco. Top of the food chain.

You now must realize, accept and deal with the fact that this Super Bowl Win by game MVP and newly crowned leader of the Ravens, Joe Flacco, ELITE...

5. Whatever Wolfthorn is... I WANT IT!

4. More ads & a couple of movie trailers

This is a tribute to the people...BUT BUY THIS TRUCK THO!

Where can I find friends like this?

Disney and Johnny Depp. And Robert Downey Jr. I really hope Iron Man 3 is good! Don Cheadle in the Iron Patriot armor.

3. On Super Bowl Halftime Shows...

Super Bowl Feelings

I must preface with, her performance was well done! She's an amazing and talented performer.

It just wasn't for me. I think you have to be a hardcore, dedicated damn near stalker of a fan to appreciate the embellished magnitude of what was going on last night during halftime. I don't like the Super Bowl Performance being dominated by one performer for 15 minutes. Has it always been this way? And it's pretty much one segment of her live show that she performs on the road. Just with more rockets and lights. I'm looking for the extravaganza. The big blowout party that's worthy of all of the attention and viewership that it gets. But 15 minutes of ONE artist doing a medley of singles from her greatest hits list? meh... Bring back the show NFL. Still, however, very nice outfit. From the Inauguration blah blah to the Super Bowl half time show I'm already Beyonce'd out. I bet folks already forgot about Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys fantastic performances before the kick off. Even her holograms over powered the moment the rest of Destiny's Child hit the stage. I saw somebody on Twitter comment that Beyonce is the next thing to Michael Jackson, in terms of superstardom. And that very well may be true. But I guess, FOR ME, I'd like to see a Super Bowl half time show that was more about a fantastic overall show and not just this one grandiose concert to solidify one's mark as queen of the world.

2. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Dad on watching Sons compete at highest level...

Jim wasn't fond on refs

Puppy Bowl...

Unsung Heroes...

1. And now the sad part...we wait until next season...

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