MANDOM 2012-2013 NBA Executive of the Year: Daryl Morey

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MANDOM 2012-2013 NBA Executive of the Year: Daryl Morey
As a resident of Houston, I can say that patience was wearing thin with Daryl Morey around town. Houstonians felt that any praise he received was undeserving since the team consistently underachieved and Morey seemed to bring in an endless supply of power forwards and no stars.

He famously struck out in his quest to sign Chris Bosh in the summer of 2010. Just when it seemed like Morey would be a lame duck, he struck gold when he landed James Harden in a trade with Oklahoma City. He also forced the Knicks and the Bulls to make tough decisions that resulted in allowing Morey to sign Jeremy Lin from the Knicks and Omer Asik from the Bulls. Those three players formed the cornerstone of an unexpectedly revamped Houston Rockets team that qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 2009. His only blunder this season was the drafting of Royce White, but it was a gamble that could have had a big payoff. The embarrassment that is Royce White isn't enough to wipe out the good work that Daryl Morey put in this season and the Rockets are well positioned to be even better in the next few years.

Honorable mention: Masai Ujiri, Pat Riley, Sam Presti, Glen Grunwald, Billy King

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  1. when will they announce the exec of the year? next week?