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Review: The Last Of Us

Review: The Last Of Us
This shit way late, my apologies. It has been causing me some of that grown man emotional distress. Also playing like 4-5 hours of multiplayer a night.

If you're on the gaming scene, you know this review is way late, and I (@burts) take all the heat for it. The Last of Us, put out by legendary game developer Naughty Dog, appropriately dropped a few days before Father's Day, and we've been grinding with it ever since. Let's get right into it, and I'll explain along the way.

Crew 54 Parodies Office Space In "Labor"

Crew 54 - Labor
Mos, G Christ and Melz beat up an HP printer in a field during their occupation of Volusion in Austin in their reenactment of the always watchable scene from Office Space over a cut of The League of Extraordinary G'zs "Billy Jean". Watch the clip below.

e.d.g.e and CientifiQ Keep Hip-Hop In A Black Suitcase

e.d.g.e. and CientifiQ - Black Suitcase EP
Vancover's e.d.g.e and Killeen's CientifiQ link up to release Black Suitcase for something new to vibe to for Memorial Day. Click the jump for stream and download the album below...

Watch Bigg UU and Amanda Alosi Connect Telepathically In "Maintainin'"

Maintainin - Bigg UU
Shot & Directed by @gargameljermel for The Hot Box Pro HD, Bigg UU's new video for "Maintainin'" features the beautiful, Maxim Mag Hometown Hottie nominee, @AmandaAlosi. Watch the cut below...

Review: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Review

Hey gamers it's @burts. We here at MANDOM have a natural love for playing with things that fit in our hand. Our last review took a look at Soul Sacrifice for the Playstation Vita, so now we're taking a jaunt over to the competition for a look at their recent big title release, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The sequel to the 2001 Gamecube game, Luigi’s Mansion, Nintendo takes us back to the game’s puzzle roots to deliver an entertaining and heart filled adventure.

Gregory Porter - "Be Good (Lion's Song)"

Gregory Porter - Be Good Lion's Song
Shoutout to Ronnie for sharing this video for Gregory Porter's wonderful "Be Good" which is appearing on NPR music. Maybe she was trying to tell me something. Be Good is also the name of the Grammy Nominated album Porter released last year. The original video and the NPR clip are below.

Review: Soul Sacrifice

First Look: Soul Sacrifice Demo
Back in April we took a look at the Soul Sacrifice demo for Playstation Vita, you can find that here. The game dropped last week and after spending a few days with it, it is time to talk a little bit more in depth now that we have the full product.

First Look: Soul Sacrifice Demo

First Look: Soul Sacrifice Demo
Hey! It's Burts again, big name Vita titles have been few and far between lately, especially as Nintendo continues to unveil obvious hits like the new Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past sequel. But last week the Soul Sacrifice demo hit the Playstation Network in advance of the game's April 30th release date. After spending a few hours with it, here are our early impressions:

Review: God of War: Ascension - "My Vengeance Ends Now!"

Hi Burts here. If you have a Playstation 3, chances are good that you're already familiar with the God of War series. This series of console exclusives is one of the staples of the Sony line-up, where leading man Kratos stands as one of the most iconic leading dudes in gaming. Having wrapped up his journey of revenge in 2010's God of War 3, Sony turns the clock backwards with God of War: Ascension, delivering a prequel tale that gives gamers a look into how Kratos began his trek. Let's take a look at how it shook out:

WATCH: Macklemore's Video For "Can't Hold Us" featuring Ray Dalton

WATCH: Macklemore's Video For Cant Hold Us featuring Ray Dalton
From Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's The Heist. This is my first time ever hearing this song other than in some ad or in a 'live' form. It sounds different. But still a dope jam. Nice video too.

Rick Ross Releases Formal Apology For U.O.E.N.O. Rape Lyrics

Rick Ross Release sFormal Apology For U.O.E.N.O. Rape Lyrics
GQ's 2012 Bawse of the Year, Rick Ross, tries to douse the wildfire his date rape lyric for his feature in Rocko's “U.O.E.N.O”.

Sneaker Box: Son of Mars, Retro 1's, Griffey's, Torae, Rick Ross, Tyga

Nike Air Griffey Max 1
Cientifiq on the latest Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG, Jordan Son of Mars Low, Nike Air Griffey Max 1 releases. And expresses his opinion on Reebok & Rick Ross

Chris Brown - "Fine China"

Chris Brown - Fine China
Latest clip from VA pop singer Chris Brown. Chris Brown fights and dances with/against Asian gangs in cinematic-styled first single from his new album, X. Fans of Michael Jackson will notice "Billy Jean" and "Smooth Criminal type queues". Watch the video below.

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 12

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 12
Find out why your dad knows best, what to do when love doesn't go your way, why you should check in with your girl when you're out with your boys, and why there's no shame in being embarrassed.

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 11

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 10
Find out why you should think before taking a break, why moving back in should be your last resort, how to keep yourself up if you can't get a prom date, and why it's a bad idea to bring a date to a game.

DJ Steve Porter - Heat Streak remix

DJ Steve Porter - HeatStreak remix
New mashup created for ESPN spotlighting the recent win streak of the Miami Heat. The clip which starts off with Magic Johnson asking "Can you feel the heat?" has visuals that are LeBron James (mainly) and Dwyane Wade focused. Check it out below...

Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer & Lee Trevino Fighting

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14
In a new EA Sports ad, entitled "The Rumble", promoting Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, the legendary golfers fight off thugs in a jet hangar who are attempting to take their trophies. Watch the clip below.

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 10

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 10
Find out why flying the friendly skies isn't always so friendly, how to spice things up in the bedroom, how to treat your teachers right, and what to say at a funeral.

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 09

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 09
Find out how to follow your girls lead during PDA, how to keep being scared to yourself, why you should always respect your mom, and why impressing your girl means impressing her friends.

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 08

Guy Code Season 3 Episode 08
Find out how to keep your distance from your best friend's girl, how to choose your wine wisely, why a kiss is more than just a kiss, and how to act like a mature adult.