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Propecia and Sexual Side Effects

Propecia Sexual Side Effects
Before, I would get up at eight in the morning, go to work, go to school, go to the gym, come home, have sex with my girlfriend. I had a lot of ambition, I had career goals...Now basically I just sit in my room all day and don't talk to anyone." -- Kevin Malley

Soul Food Junkies Trailer

Soul Food Junkies
"Minorities contract diabetes and suffer from heart diseases in disproportionate numbers. That alone costs the American economy enough to be concerned about what people eat and why." -- Stanley Crouch
One of my favorite blogs on the web is Barclay.TV. You'll see us link to Barclay from time to time. As he finds some of the greatest gems on the innanet. Namely, this teaser clip for "Soul Food Junkies". Directed by Byron Hurt, "Soul Food Junkies" aims to bring more awareness to the health crisis on plaguing communities of color, its history and how it's become part of our cultural identity. Below the cut, he explains his mission. Please check out the trailer as well.

This Guy: CJ Senter

CJ Senter

When I was in first grade, I was on a stage in the cafetornasium singing off key to "We Are The World (we aww duh chirren)". I followed that up with a mastery and addiction to Super Mario Bros. An addiction I enjoy today. The next generation of kids, raised themselves because we were too busy going to clubs and getting pregnant. But the kids after that? They are preparing for war. They are getting in shape and getting strong to destroy us. Yes, I said it. These kids are making sure that they don't have to deal with type II diabetes and obesity so when they are ready to whoop our ass, they will have no problem. We'll probably die from the shame of being so out of shape compared to them before they actually land a punch, but I digress. Below watch as CJ Senter, the 10 year old fitness guru, trains his troops for the first wave of shock and awe.
After the cut, more CJ. And meet the generals of the upcoming war. Including a 9 year old girl that squats 180 lbs. 5 times and another who deadlifts 195 lbs. Where's Richard Simmons when you need him?