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The Run-In #33: Royal Rumble 2013 Predictions

This weekend, the Road to Wrestlemania begins - and the current WWE world changes. That's right, it's Royal Rumble time, and The Rock is challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship. The Royal Rumble match is set in stone, and there are a number of participants who could be vying for title runs at Mania. Let's run down the card, match by match, and see if we're prognosticators, or FOOLS~!

The Run-In #32: Why The Rock vs. CM Punk is Awesome

The Run-In 32: Why The Rock vs. CM Punk is Awesome
Last week, The Rock returned to the WWE. He walked right out while CM Punk berated the people and in true "People's Champ" form told Punk like it is. The awesome thing about it? Punk didn't back down. He told Rock that his arms were too short to box with God, and meant it. They stood toe to toe in the middle of the ring and delivered on what many have been waiting for since last Summer: an awesome Rock vs. Punk feud.

The Run-In #31: Wrestling's Cool Again

It’s the top of 2013, and you know what that means: the Royal Rumble is just around the corner. With the Royal Rumble comes the official start to the “Road to Wrestlemania,” with the next four months being one of the most lucrative times for the WWE. They usually pull out all of the stops, and with The Rock set to challenge CM Punk or whomever is holding the WWE Title at the Rumble. Do you know what all of this means?!

The time for fair-weather fans to come out of the woodwork!

The Run-In #30: Does Dolph Ziggler Need Help?

Dolph Ziggler WWE
So, one of the more rushed storylines of 2012 has been completed, and in the main event of the WWE’s TLC pay-per-view, Dolph Ziggler defeated John Cena... with the help of AJ’s betrayal. To quote the Miz: “really?”

Really? We spent how much time rushing through the Cena/AJ “romance,” complete with in-ring make outs and random pictures of them eating dinner, to the obvious Cena looking at AJ like she’s crazy bit last week... now we get Ziggler beating Cena with her help? Why? Why did it even need to go down like this, and how does this make Ziggler look?!

The Run-In #29: Too Many Pay-Per-Views

The Run-In 29 Too Many Pay-Per-Views
The end of every calendar year brings up a number of things: re-runs of A Christmas Story, gift wrap, alcohol, and the year-end pro wrestling fatigue. Of course we still watch the product, there’s no way we can avoid it. The problem is how we’ve been conditioned. When you take into account that, post-Survivor Series, everything is in a holding pattern until the Royal Rumble, things start to get frustrating. Hell, lump Survivor Series into that, too. The problem lies in the WWE feeling like they NEED to put on a pay-per-view damn near every month.

Why keep this model up?

The Run-In #28: Do We Need United States and Intercontinental Titles?

The Run-In 28 Do We Need United States and Intercontinental Titles?
Quick: when was the last time you gave a care about who was holding the United States or Intercontinental titles? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

The Run-In #27: Dolph's Briefcase

Dolph Ziggler
Do you remember when Dolph Ziggler won the Money In The Bank briefcase for the World Heavyweight Title? I hardly remember it myself. It happened at the Money In The Bank PPV, and the fact that he has it has almost been an afterthought. It’s not like when Daniel Bryan won it last year and purposefully was either trying to cash it in or declaring that he’d be cashing it in at 'Mania; no, Dolph's teased it a few times, been thwarted, and essentially just forgot he’s had it.

The Run-In #26: Stop The Stable Introductions

The Run-In 26: Stop The Stable Introductions
The WWE ends another lackluster boring PPV with another head-scratcher of a main event. To cap off the ridiculous, unnecessary Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship between CM Punk, John Cena, and Ryback, the WWE decided they’d start up a random new stable, featuring three upstarts from their NXT developmental brand, including Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.